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    @ZuluHero Had an Uchi since early on, after accidentally ganking the Undead merchant, like it so much ive played with it thru ng and ng+ (up to Gwyn at mo) - so much so for achievos i've made every single version & chaos blade, still sticking with a +15 mostly. Its only reading this thread today, i've seen the options ot buff it, guess i should stop pumping Faith (did that for extra healing) and try some intelligence by the sounds of it.

    One thing maybe the experts here can help with - Armor, I've been using thieves black leather +9 accross the board since day one, just switching a few diff helms, Gargoyles +5 (for all of NG), Darkwraith +5 (for half of NG+, cos it looks badass), Mask of the Child & Sunlight Maggot. I have the Strategy guide and plenty of armors I look at are simply too heavy for the protection trade off, or almost as light but not as good protection, or better to start off with but can't be upgraded as far & fall by the wayside. I keep my equip load at 25% so total weight needs to be just under 26. Did I just 'luck out' into a great light armor set to upgrade?

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