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    quadfather wrote:
    What's the most bad-ass looking weapon then?
    another vote for the notched whip, especially if you set it on fire with resin. The Guardian Tail is an excellent annoyance for people, esp if rotten pine buff is applied
    generally Red invaders are same level or lower, Blue invaders higher, often ridiculously so. That's not to say there aren't weird anomalies now and again.

    Demon's Spear is easily usable: a level 2 Pyro can wield it one-handed. Pyro's free, if you have enough souls, and Masks can be picked up by anyone. Plus, occasionally, someone will build some ludicrous glass cannon build that allows them to do Dark Bead or Great Axe or something at surprisingly low level but with shocking HP or END or whatever. Low level PvP still works pretty well, although definitely best as "invaded", i think. My SL1 wraith seems to spend a lot of time being ganked or having the bejesus kicked out of her by SL40s
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