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    mcmothercruncher wrote:
    I don't think that can be right, can it?

    Just had someone using the Dark Hand as a shield and another invader using the Dragon Head fire attack on me. I'm still only level 12. I guess it's possible to beat Pinwheel (extremely easy boss, but at the end of a very difficult area) and make it all the way through Blight Town, the Great Hollow and Ash Lake as a sub level 15, but....

    Hey, if they can do that- they deserve to beat me. Repeatedly :)
    Getting a dark hand is (relatively) easily done by farming Wraiths in New Londo, I took the full pain of the 4 Kings and built an SL1 wraith. Similarly getting into the Dragon Covenant at SL1 is fairly easy. Just keep running! I've got one of those at the moment. Me having these is proof positive that you don't need mad skillz, just dogged bloody-mindedness and a cherished dream of dispensing misery to other players

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