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    Ok, been experimenting with the Leo Ring a bit with my current NG+ Dex/Int build, ready for a possible pure Dex Spear/Leo Ring build in future, and well, I can't see any discernible difference between non-Leo counters and counters with Leo.

    Using a Crystal Magic Weapon buffed Spear +12 in Oolicle Township against the melee creatures, it does 511 damage when thrust attacking an enemy whose in mid-attack animation with the ring equipped. I took the ring off, and under the exact same conditions it also dealt 511 damage.

    I tried a non buffed Spear +12, and a buffed and non-buffed Lucerne +14 and there was still zero difference in damage. There was an increase in damage dealt when countering versus not countering, so I know I was countering properly, but the Leo Ring itself didn't increase the counter damage at all whatsoever.

    Are these enemies just Leo Ring resistant (doesn't make sense for them to be), did From unintentionally break the ring after the last patch, or am I doing something wrong?
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