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    mcmothercruncher wrote:If you're high Int, switching your preferred weapon to Enchanted is a must... it's just which one.
    I'm not so sure tbh.

    I've rocked both a +15 Uchi, +5 Enchanted Uchi, and a 10+ Magic Uchi (yes, I love the Uchi moveset!), with 40 Dex and 45 Int. The +15 Uchi with a Crystal Magic Weapon buff does so much more damage in real time than the +5 Enchanted. Even without the buff the Enchanted Uchi feels ridiculously underpowered compared to a basic +15.

    Granted, I've not tested it on every enemy, so perhaps I'll rock the Enchanted Uchi a bit more and see how I get on. Not having to find large enough windows within intense boss fights to cast CMW would be nice...
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