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    quadfather wrote:
    Seto wrote:
    I've been trying my hand at a SL1 run-though of the game, and was shocked at how far I've got (just killed Sif). Not felt so good about a game like this for years!

    Has anyone had much experience with crossbows? Only have a divine +5 so far but its feeling very powerful.
    I was thinking of trying this - what's your character setup and armour/weapons?

    Not had much of a play with crossbows though
    Its really good fun, started with the Pyromancer (for the spells, and stats).

    Leveled up the starting armor and a hand axe until I could obtain the Havel Ring and Favor and Protection Ring, then swapped over to the elite knight armor.

    Currently using a mix of divine +5 hand axe / magic +4 battle axe and the crossbow along side a +14 Pyromancy Flame.

    I am missing being able to use a large chunk of the weaponry in the game, but is more than made up by the feeling of achievement when downing a boss or clearing an area.
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