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    Started playing this again last night after over a year away, I had no idea where I was meant to be going just a vague memory of something about Smough and Ornstine. so I headed to Anor Londo which took me a while as I couldn't remember the way.

    Managed to Kill S&O on my second attempt once I had remembered where the closest bonfire was, turned into a surprisingly easy fight. just picked up the lord vessel now im not sure where i'm meant to be going.
    Do you want to know, or you just going to explore?
    a hint would be nice. I would usually wander about aimlessly but it took me nearly an hour to find my way out of blighttown :)
    heh, tell me about it.

    Well, what you could do, is go somewhere nice and peaceful and see if anything has changed.
    Firelink it is then, though i dont remember how things looked before i left.
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