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    Hello people. I've been reading is thread for weeks though only playing the game for about a two weeks. Although I've put in almost thirty hours and am at level 38 or so I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing or what's going on at all, though I do love the game.
    Anyway, I have about a million questions but I shall stick to this one for now...I've rung the first bell and am at a bit of a loss as to where to go next. I'm struggling in the catacombs. Struggling in blight town. Get pasted in the valley of the drakes. Done the butterfly already...is there somewhere I'm "supposed"to be right now?
    2 choices I guess. You're 'supposed' to be in blighttown. What parts of it are you struggling on? Falling to your death all the time? Getting toxicated by the dart throwers? It's all about poison resistance, and really taking your time. Literally one step after another and really checking your surroundings

    If you don't fancy blighttown, you could always try the darkwood forest. It's not really progressing the story, but it'll help you level up more if that's what you think you need
    Cheers for that. I had a horrible feeling that was whe I was supposed to be.......falling to my death, toxicated, skull smashed by a big club. Take your pick of the variety of ways I've been done in recently. In the game, of course..:-P
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