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    Question time again ;)
    If I recall correctly, someone mentioned a while ago that Queelaag's fury sword would be a good weapon to use against Ornstein. Well, I have a +5 one and I find the results a bit underwhelming. Did a NG+ attempt at O&S yesterday, together with Solaire. Smough was absolutely no problem with my +14 lighting Uchigatana :). Ornstein however (I want his soul, already have Smough's), with Queelaag's sword I only seem to chip off 100hp or so each hit. Still, I got to about 1/4 of his hp before I messed up :)

    So, is Queelaag's sword really the best option for a DEX/STA/STR build against Ornstein? My normal go-to weapon is my +15 balder sword.
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