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    teamHAM wrote:
    Never really understood all this clamouring for the BSS. Yes it's a good weapon, but I certainly don't think it's the best weapon out there by a long shot. The follow up R2 is handy but that's about it.

    Really don't understand it.
    I really should experiment more with other weapons, but the BSS is soooo sweet to use :)
    I'm mainly using it's R2 attack, which one-shots most of the 'regular' enemies. The STA-DMG ratio is excellent.

    So, which weapon would you recommend instead for my DEX-STA-STR character? I could use some variation :)

    I've already started pouring some points towards INT & FTH, so now I can also use some magic/miracles. Fall damage reduction made the 2nd stray demon in the asylum a lot easier :)

    By the way, does it make sense in this game to change your character into more of a jack-of-all-trades after focusing on 2/3 skills (str, dex and sta are around 35 now)?
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