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    Architect_z wrote:
    Goodfella wrote:

    The world would be better off without tossers like that, if you're going to invade have the decency to fight fairly and/or honourably. What the hell do they get out of it, fucking twats.
    Yeah its really annoying. Whenever I invade, I always bow and fight as fair as I can. The only time i'm ever cheap is when either the host fights dirty, or theres 3 players who're basically waiting for an invader to gank.

    IF I invaded someone for backstab wins, it'd be really boring.
    OK this has prompted me to post in the thread. I've recently gone back to the game for a full co-op play through, and to play the DLC too. I was invaded regularly throughout, and probably nine times out of ten the fight ended with the invader doing some ridiculous teleporting backstab. Your post implies that there is a special technique to this, whereas I had always assumed he had rolled to avoid my attack or circled, and fortuitously found himself in a backstab position (while on my screen was nowhere near my back and lag took care of the rest).

    If it's the former then the fact people are specifically out to do this is even more annoying (the aforementioned fucking twats)! It was bad enough my friend and I were (for want of a better word) trolled in the Undead Burg by invaders who obviously didn't level up but had played a lot of the game and got various powerful lightning weapons and strong armour, basically one hit killing poor saps like us.

    Anyway, this play through has really soured my opinion of the whole invasion element, but aside from that it was as fantastic as ever.
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