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    Goodfella wrote:I'd be more than happy to use that combo against runners, backstabbers and general dick heads
    heh. This is like that bit when Yoda warns Luke that he can't go round using the Dark Magics for good, as it'll corrupt him
    senso-ji wrote:
    It's a shame there isn't much Arena PvP - it cuts out 90% of what you mentioned, because the cheap tactics rely on match ups that are of differing levels. As soon as both players are SL 100 (or another equal number) then things get much more tactical, especially when you consider that most healing doesn't work.
    yeah. I tried and tried the Arena, found it all a bit joyless waiting around for ages. Shame.

    The "different levels" business is why I don't really bother with the Darkmoon Covenant. Far too many times I invaded some poor knacker with 500hp or something whilst I was a level 75. Darkwraith = better fun, plus you don't have to work for that weirdo.

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