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    quadfather wrote:
    onestepfromlost wrote:
    build is sorcery type shield/ spear combo. grass crest shield +10 magic winged spear +5. Elite knoght leggings +8, hard leather gloves +9. still using tatterd cloth robe +6 unitl have enough endurance for eastern armor +4
    try to be mostly mobile focus on INT for weapon and magic scaling which may need upped as i only have it at 31

    EDIT: as for humnaity i thought if i just keep killing the mobs in teh area then bonfire rinse repeat eventually ill get humanity? or am i totally wrong?
    Could be the winged spear letting you down a bit

    You should get humanity in any area by killing monsters while the boss is still alive for that area.

    However, if you're not getting much, you'll get *far* more if you trudge back to the 1st bonfire in the depths, put on your gold covetous ring and whack fuck out of the rats for a bit - you'll get loads more
    can i trudge back? do i not need to finsih anor londo before i can get back.
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