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    Mr_Sleep wrote:
    Best thing for farming humanity is rats, from what I understand. If you've got the serpent ring from Sen's Fortress you can then have a wander and try farming some from under the dragon or the tunnel in the undead burg.
    Bonfire in the Depths. Equip the ring. Just out the door kill the hollow standing outside door, then first door on the right, down the stairs, kill rats at the bottom, collect any humanity they drop, then back to the bonfire. Wash and repeat.

    I actually levelled a couple of levels this way when i was finding it tough to gain enough souls to level (without dying and losing them all). You can rack up quite a few doing this little run over and over and it doesn't matter if you die as you don't drop them (as long as you haven't used them). You get 1000 souls for each feeding them to Kingseeker Frampt.

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