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    Architect_z wrote:
    @fiery_jackass - I'm starting to get bored of invading and killing everyone in the Painted World. Is the Forest cov worth giving a go for a change?
    I think so. It's quite different: I spent a day or so trying not to be infuriated with it after having spent so many months duelling/invading. The sheer density of shitheads is bewildering. Large amount of clueless gankers who crudely spam cheapo methods, the occasional person who's got some beastly little tactic absolutely nailed, the very occasional good person. Lots of Giants' armour, lots of Family masks, lots of Dark Magic

    So, having largely given up on careful, tense 1v1 battles, I now find that the dirty stuff is fine if you just throw yourself into it. 2 players running towards me? Sunlight blade, Wrath at the ready, pivot bs early and often. Maybe chain backstab whilst I'm at it. Fuck them. The amount of times they wade into parries or traps flailing weapons is amazing. Overconfidence. Some nice bitchy messages too. Got a nice mail accusing me of lagswitching, and making love to my own mother. Dude had failed to note that Great Magic Barrier means his MGS might as well have been a piece of string.

    anyway, try it for a while. You'll not lose face in your own covenant and running through the forest with another blue phantom towards a pair of clearly ganking arseholes is a very different kind of excitement.

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