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    @SYS64738 I echo the comments of Dr_Mech, completed 1st at 75 completed ng+ at 130 and am now at 147 just over halfway thru ng++ had to do more than just get to Sif.

    Turns out I needed Priscillas tail dagger and the crescent axe from Patches (I always killed the gimp for his betrayal), so had to do Or & Smug 4 Lord Vessel & get Nito (tough fight when you forget to pack your Divine Uchi - respawning Skellies FTW!) to make him a vendor.

    I also needed Gwyndolin for a 2nd Soul (must have left her on ng+ as that was focussed on getting other Covenants, Darkmoon being one)

    Edit for my piss poor spelling....

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