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    Stone Armor is amazing if you are into all that heavy armor stuff (which you clearly are).

    One of the best armor sets to engage Four Kings with. You could try Havel's armor. That might be better but also heavier I think.

    For normal trash fights you should consider something middle of the road though. A medium armor with some poise, of which there are quite a few sets. You can still wield your greatshield or whatever tickles your fancy and have some poise to compliment it but won't be bogged down by the huge weight of these armors.

    Stone Armor is up there though, plus it doesn't need upgrading.

    With that and the Zwei, you are using the two most "user-friendly" pick-up-and-play weapons and armor in the game really. With those and a good shield you can avoid being punished for making a few mistakes.

    They are far from the most efficient or diverse things in the game though.

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