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    Astoras Sword is a good wep for early game Catacombs/ToG because even unupgraded it wipes out the skellies pretty easily. But against Snakemen who are resistant to physical damage it's poo.

    However for a faith char obviously you want to have a faith weapon, so early Catacombs/ToG should be done for the weps, chunks, embers, miracles, Reah, Leroy etc.

    It's definitely the first stop for a faith build if you can handle the heat down there.
    Aye, that's a point. nice one. I'll have to go there then.

    Need something fairly hard hitting for a weapon I think, going forward.

    Reckon an astora's sword +2 is ok for cats?
    Cats? you mean the big cats in Darkroot? I doubt they will be strong enough for them.

    If you end up going exploring before you get a decent divine/occult weapon like claymore or GS or something then get a lightning weapon. Occult weapons and Divine weapons are great when they are maxed out and you have loads of faith, but early game it's pretty underpowered, like a sorcerer. So a lightning weapon helps I find.
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