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    Take 30 or 50 faith, nothing in between. Use good miracles, an Occult weapon with a Divine as backup. Also if you are going for Grant you will need a lot of Strength so until you get all the way up there take a strength scaling weapon as a backup backup to your other weapons.

    Leroy's set works nice for RP purposes if you want a heavy faith build. Likewise Sanctus is a nice shield that heals health and works nicely in tandam with two-handing Grant.

    So yeah;

    Vitality: Personal Preference
    Attunement: 19 or 23 if you are wanting to make full use of Miracles but sprinkle them as you go, don't spend consecutive levels in it
    Endurance: Eventually 40, especially if you are going Grant
    Strength: 50 if you are going Grant
    Dexterity: Minimum levels. Enough to wield your favourite shield or backup weapon
    Resistance: Base level
    Intelligence: Base level
    Faith: 30 or 50
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