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    SYS64738 wrote:
    turns out I made a mistake and should've created the Greatshield of Artorias instead... Now I have 3 Greatswords, and no chance of getting the Platinum until I beat the game on NG++ and beat Sif AGAIN on NG+++.

    I did the same, I ended up making 2 cursed greatswords. So I had to get to Sif again. :(
    The worst one to get (imo) was Priscillas dagger. I don't know how Priscilla works, on one of the times I fought her she was invisible for the entire fight, never became visable.

    The last trophy I needed was a spell from the n00b mage next to logan at the firelink. You just have to kill him for the spell. What a trophy to finish on. Crush a dude, loot his corpse. PLATINUM!!!
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