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    Cappy wrote:
    Demon's Souls veteran trying this for the first time, no wonder the director apologised, Dark Souls feels really shoddy and unpolished in comparison. Out of the blue frame rate crashes when nothing is even happening speak of practically non-existent optimisation.

    It was bad enough fighting the Asylum Demon, I don't see the point to having boss battles if every single one is going to be marred with constant frame rate crashes which keep altering controller latency.

    If Epic could sue Silicon Knights due to fragments of remaining Unreal Engine code within Too Human, Bandai Namco and Fromsoft are extremely lucky that SCEJ don't seem to care about the Souls games, because they've definitely utilised work that Sony paid for in Demon's Souls in this game.

    I'm not sure if I can even be bothered going any further with Dark Souls.
    It uses the Phyre engine, not specific to the Demon's Souls game and I'm sure they paid for it and were careful not to violate the contract they had with SCEJ. The more interesting question is, who at Sony was so careless to let that IP slip through their fingers? - because From was interested in doing a sequel with SCEJ but it didn't work out.

    The frame rate is below 30 a lot of times, and yes, for the most part Demon's is faster. Yet on the other hand there are no dynamic shadows in Demon's. AA in Dark Souls but at a lower resolution - trade-offs.
    They admitted it themselves, that they rushed the game and would have required more time or a bigger team. Yet, I still prefer to look at a torn in half Rembrandt than looking at some perfectly framed Pop Art - that's me though.

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