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    Agree with Mr_Sleep.

    Basically, for any new players:

    -Block (you can block more than you imagine, keep an eye on the green bar, allow for your stamina to regenerate)

    -Attack (do not get too greedy when attacking, allow for your stamina to regenerate.)

    -Evade (if you run out of stamina during blocking/attacking, or you are stunned by an attack, use the roll to evade the next attack, you may not have enough stamina to block the next enemy attack.)

    -Strength/Dex (in this game, its best to choose one or the other, if you are thinking of using magic/faith/pyro and fast light weapons and simple shields, level up Dexterity. If you want to have massive powerful weapons and weild huge shields that barely dent your stamina, go for strength.)

    -Explore (you can find special weapons,magic,items and even materials for upgrading your equipment.Exploring is key and you'll enjoy the experience more. Also you can find different or secret areas.)

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