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    edit: oh, at least they nerfed the Ring of Fog and the Darkwood Grain Ring. At release, PvP was completely fucked
    Kinda... I agree it's better now, but also there's far less traffic so it feels pretty bare unless I'm on at a peak time. PvP for me was the pinnacle of what this game was about, hanging around in Darkroot Garden waiting for blue and red phantoms to invade is boring but the fights are worth it. You really have to learn how lag affects the game and how most people are just fishing for a backstab. Personally I find having a summons just makes the lag worse so I stick to me vs (however many of) them.
    I'll upload some videos of Dark Souls PvP, bit like D_D di back in the day to help out those who don't like it still. Or if anyone wants practice, I can help out there too.
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