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    Easy way to defeat hackers? Run to the boss & use a homeward bone when inside. Or get used to kicking people off ledges, not an easy feat.
    I've had the white sign invasion glitch before too, kinda goes awry when you die trying to find your souls again. I wonder if that's ever been officially reported to From?
    Someone mentioned rapiers earlier, they're my thang :) but mainly along the enchanted/magic route. By far and large it's better to have a high level weapon buff and a +15 rapier, the damage is insane on the riposte/counter. Combine with a Hornet/Leo ring and Slumbering Dragoncrest ring and you're onto a winner. I only recommend having an occult if you have high faith over dex, and vice versa with divine. Even then use these as secondary weapons, there're enough bonfires in the single player to refresh your spells more often than you'll need. There is a downside to faith buffs however... But I can't spoiler it on my phone so don't read on if you don't want to find out lol

    You can only get 1 buff spell per play through (SLB) & only ever have 1 DMB given to you by the hermaphrodite God :p
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