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    Yup once you've made ye choices you're stuck with them but 17 strength isn't a massive investment thankfully.

    Hmm normally first run I'd recommend a strength build but the game is all about what you feel comfortable with, I would recommend getting vitality and endurance to at least 20 but there is no big rush for it.

    One of the key things you need to get though is a shield with 100% physical block (since you don't start with one as a Pyromancer), you can buy one off the undead merchant in Undead Burg for relatively cheap or if you get lucky one of the hollows will drop the hollow soldiers shield which is decent.

    Play the game patiently, shield up, block attacks and strike when the enemy is open. You're just starting out and more advanced techniques are something you'll pick up later (I didn't learn parrying until I was on my like...7th character, who due to a challenge run, didn't have a shield and so I had to parry)

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