#9734299, By Dark Souls

  • Deleted user 22 July 2013 11:14:19
    So this weekend I navigated my way through the Duke's Archives, killed Seath the Scaleless - didn't get the moonlight sword - and have lowered the water level in New Londo Ruins.

    Crystal Caves is another example of Dark Souls' shockingly bad level design, I'm afraid. Invisible walkways? GTFO.

    Those skeletor-like mother-fuckers at New Londo are killing me all too easily, though. Level 75 and still using the +5 Black Knight Sword. Still can't work out how to trade in my boss souls and haven't been rewarded by the blacksmiths yet for cashing in my embers.

    Also struggling to kill those three bastards I had to use the Black Orb to fight in the Anor Londo great hall.

    Finally, I also can't get past those shitboxes in the fiery depths - the ones with the big right-angled blades.
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