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    BTBAM wrote:
    Oh my, what's a fire drake?! I don't recall the bridge. My reference points at that fucking dragon on that bridge and where that horrible metallic hog who's head I'm wearing was!

    That's so annoying I fucked up with onion hat. He's invincible too, not sure what to do. I thought he was a statue so walloped him! Durr...

    If I hadnt ploughed so far I'd start again! This sort of thing frustrates me a lot..
    That thing on the bridge isn't a Dragon, that is the Hellkite Drake, you fight an actual proper non-mutated Dragon (instead of an oversized Drake and two different funky mutant Dragons you fight as bosses) in the DLC and he is bigger, badder and generally loves to fuck your shit up.

    Just to give you a sense of scale when it comes to what an actual Dragon looks like.
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