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    Right so decided to break out the old Soul Level 1 run just to break in my Dark Souls muscles after two months away from the game. This time doing things I'd learned since my original SL1 run (i.e. how to break the game), while it took some doing managed to at Soul level 1 and before ringing either of the bells.

    A)Beat Capra.
    B)Get a Battle axe to +10
    C)Get a reinforced club to Fire reinforced club +5

    If I really felt like it I could have gotten the Battle Axe to +15 but its going to be upgraded into a lightning weapon so there isn't any point in going above +10.

    Then proceeded to oneshot the Tarus Demon on a drop attack and took out the Gargoyles in 5 shots each.

    I mean I had to work to break the game that way but tis one of the reason I love this game so, it doesn't so much shrug its shoulders at sequence breaking, it actively encourages it by saying, "sure you beat the game...but do you KNOW the game, are you good enough to take a low level in crappy equipment through this area just to get this sweet lategame item?"

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