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    Just a few questions.

    You have been upgrading your gear right?

    About 3-4 complete circuit of undead Parish will net you enough souls to fully upgrade your weapon to +5 which you should have gotten during the soft humanity farming.

    Have you found a weapon that you've clicked with yet? For some people the slow but hard hitting strength weapons are their favourites (my personal favorite playstyle of big weapon, big shield, bastard heavy armour but then I've done all sorts of different weapon runs) while others prefer the weak hitting but quick Dex weapons.

    Also if you want to make Capra a bit easier, I recommend looking up how to get the Wolf ring unless you're playing as the knight (which gets enough Poise from their starting armour set), the dogs wont stunlock you while make a ran to a certain spot.

    The Capra fight is essentially the game going, "oh so you've beaten 2 bosses, think you're some kind of big shot now do you...well say hello to this mother fucker and his hounds!"

    The fight is kind of absurd in that it is probably the third hardest fight in the game if you take it on as you're meant to (solo, no wolf ring, +5 weapon and probably starting gear) to the point where in NG+...Capra is something of a joke since you're fully geared up at that point.
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