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    The Xbox is possibly the worst console ever released in terms of what new things it brought to gaming. It relied on the demise of the Dreamcast to even have some of its best games. It often concentrated on uber-masculine marketing , even in its 'family friendly' games and probably has some of the most obnoxious online players.

    1. Jet Set Radio Future (originally a Dreamcast series)
    2. Outrun 2 (but that was multi-format)
    3. Max Payne 2 (but that was mult-format)

    Also Red Dead Revolver (multi-format) and Need for speed Most wanted (multi-format).

    Whilst I suspect that GTA: San Andreas (multi-format) will deserve to be mentioned too I haven't played it. And Half Life (multi-format) 2 looked a lot better on the Xbox360 as part of The Orange Box.

    Even Rare got off to a rather low key start with Grabbed by the ghoulies and a re-hash of Conker's Bad Fur Day but at least they brought some character to the console and years of experience in making games. Shame that they're now making rip offs of Kinect games (Kinect Sports) rather than making Perfect Dark 2 or new IPs that use their imagination.

    I really wish that Microsoft had bought shares in Sega so that Sega could have afforded to make the Dreamcast 2 so that we could have the best technology on a console that was actually nice to look at.

    Project Gotham Racing? It's awful. What does the name even mean? It suggests the excitement of Gotham City, not driving around dull replicas of European cities. And all of the Fable games have been criticised, not least by Peter Molyneux himself.

    The Xbox 360 is better though but its best game is Bioshock - another multiformat game.
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