#8419977, By Picnic The Best Xbox Game EVER!

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    Sega are really the only reason that I bought one. I even liked Blinx: The Timesweeper by Sega studio Artoon for its lovely graphics (despite its awkward control). Grabbed by the ghoulies by Rare was a brief, quite samey, but still quite plessant diversion too. Max Payne 2 didn't seem like a massive improvement over the first game but I'll still include it. No doubt about my favourite game- JSRF. Doom 3 might have made this list if I'd ever actually played it and the only other Xbox game that I wish that I'd tried to see what I thought of it is Silent Hill 4: The Room.

    1. Jet Set Radio Future
    2. Outrun 2
    3. Max Payne 2

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