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    After checking the official blog and a few other websites on a twice daily basis over the Easter holiday to see if Sony have confirmed that credit or debit card details are safe or otherwise, I've decided I'm going to cancel the associated debit card in the next 24 hours. Sony have proven to be far too vague for my liking so even if an answer appears, any trust, well as much as you can have for a multinational corporation, has gone.

    Over-reaction? Maybe, but it's less hassle and worry for me to pick up a phone and tell a friendly bank person "Sony don't know their arse from their elbow" and re-associate a new card with some things, than keep up with this whole sorry saga for another week. I'm pretty careful with passwords, the PS3 was unique, but I'm annoyed to have put my debit details on there in the first place. Laziness, I suppose.

    In a worst case scenario, the people who I do feel most concern for are those who haven't kept up to date with these events and merely think it's a technical fault rather than something potentially much more serious. The first they might hear is from their banks or cc company a few months down the line.

    Yes, it could happen to any company, bullseye on the back or not, but the manner in which Sony's EU PR have went about this leaves a very sour taste in the mouth. Blatantly ignoring the customers most pressing concern regarding personal info is poor.

    Lesson learned for me.
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