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    jonsaan wrote:

    Weellll. I just called my bank again and they told me that given that this is a continuous authorisation. Cancelling the card would only see the new details being authorised through Sony again.

    I'm puzzled as to what you mean?

    Sony can't authorise it again. You've not set up a standing order or direct debit. You've given them a card number and a 3 digit unique security code. You cancel that card, then it can't be used and will be rejected when Sony try to take payment from it. The numbers Sony or anyone else have stored are effectively useless. When you get a new card, you'd still have to type in the new number and security code in PSN, I highly doubt just because you've bought something from Sony with a previous card, they'll magically be furnished with the new details.

    Another card of mine was swallowed by the bank machine a while back, and this was linked to my Amazon account. I had to cancel that and made sure it was cancelled by trying to buy a Kindle book. Card rejected, no problem.

    Maybe, I'm very much mistaken about the ins and outs of card cancellation, but a continuous authorization is mental!
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