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    bad09 wrote:
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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    Oh RROD vs PSN no security already?


    I know! Someone did it in one of the articles on the front page, fucking amazing people are trying desperately to compare a week or 2 with no 360 while it's off being fixed for free with potential fraud and ID theft. Fucking amazing the lengths some will go to fight the fight.

    Didn't have those problems with Spectrum or C64.

    LOL I think the limit of the fanboy banter back then was "yeah but C64 has colour!". Those people were fools of course Speccy was far superior regardless of it monocrome images...

    I think we needed DF back then! In fact I demand retro DF articles EG. Go on at least one for giggles!

    Bah - Amstrad CPC owned both of them! *runs*
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