#9355399, By Murbs ZX Spectrum: lets talk about some actual RETRO gaming.

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    An example

    The Alien8 (but I never played the first 7!) summary from Crash online:

    Control keys: alternate bottom row keys left/right, A,S,D,F to move forward, Q, W,E,R to jump, top row to pick up/drop
    Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair 2, Cursor type
    Keyboard play: the various key options are easy to use and response is very finely tuned
    Use of colour: the single colour per room allows for good line graphics
    Graphics: excellent, varied, characterful and very smooth
    Sound: good
    Skill levels: 1
    Lives: 5
    Screens: 129
    General rating: agreement that this is a slightly better game in most respects than Knight Lore, and therefore generally excellent.

    Use of computer 93%
    Graphics 98%
    Playability 96%
    Getting started 91%
    Addictive qualities 97%
    Value for money 93%
    Overall 95%
    Now you don't see anything like *that* anymore!
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