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    I put my back out 6 months ago, all because I didn't want to pay Comet 20 to take out my old washing machine and install the new one. I mean it's easy right? All you do is pull out the old one, turn off and take out the pipes and carry it to the front door. No such luck this time. :(

    The washing machine had been in a fitted unit for well over a decade and the front right "foot" had become snagged on a gas pipe and the floor tiles. I spent about an hour bend over shaking the damn thing from right to left back and forth and pulling it hard trying to tip it forward, all the while not bending my knees. I finally got the fucking thing out and carried it macho man style to the front of the house for the charity shop to come collect it the next day.

    The new washing machine was delivered later the same day, the delivery guys offered to put it in for free as I'd offered them a cuppa, but I was feeling macho from taking out the old one. After they left I was able to get it in the old space with minimum fuss, I'm about to turn it on to start the machine cleaning cycle when I got the nagging feeling that I forgot something. I had a quick scan of the installation instructions and I'd only forgotten to remove the bloody transit bolts!!! :D So I go to pull out the unit and it's got entangled on the blasted gas pipe! So I have another session hunched over trying to liberate it, figured out that as it wasn't as tall as the old one, I could lift it up and over the pipe. All the while not bending with my knees again. I get the bolts out, spin the drum a bit manually to make sure I got them all, then pushed the unit back into the space. I turn it on and no lights come on, apparently dead. I despair and call comet every name under the sun before realising that I don't remember plugging it in! :D So out it comes again (a lot easier this time), I check the back and there's the plug wrapped around the back of the machine along with this other wierd looking long pipe. The bloody waste water pipe! I totally forgot about that too! :D I sort that out, put the cunting thing back in. SUCCESS! I stick on the celaning cycle then pop upstairs to play some games.

    An hour later there's a loud wooden creak and an almighty racket coming from the kitchen, I run downstairs opened the kitchen to a scene worthy of a horror film. The washing machine had cracked the side board and liberated itself from the fitting during the spin cycle and was sliding across the floor, the waste water pipe had been pulled out and was violently flinging about spewing black shitty water all over the kitchen, I run to the transformer and turned off the main power as I wasn't touching the power socket! That is when I called my uncle (a plumber) to come over and sort out the situation. He told me I'd forgotten to adjust the feet to stop the machine from rocking and forth during spin. Cost me 50 to have him sort it out, then another 300 to get the sideboard repaired. The next day my back went into spasm and hips ceased up, I was in agony for about a month before I sought professional help. 800 on Physiotherapy and Chiropractors and 6 months later I'm almost back to full working order.

    All because I didn't spend fucking 20 on installation.
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