#6571510, By marilena A video game with a good narrative... does it exist?

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    kalel wrote:
    richardtock wrote:
    But surely the very idea of games is that the narrative is entirely up to you. Narrative=/=story

    You've played games before yes? Name one where the narrative is entirely up to you.

    It depends what you mean by "entirely". Each game has a feature set so, of course, you are always limited in some way. Also, usually games have AI controlled NPCs, which have their contribution to the narrative, even if in an unscripted way.

    So, "entirely" may be an exaggerated request.

    But there are definitely many sandbox-type game that do have a narrative flow, which is influenced mostly by what the player does. The Sims, Civilization, MineCraft, Silent Hunter are a few examples. For all of these games there's a significant amount of Internet literature with cool, unique stories that people have experienced while playing.

    There's also multiplayer, which can lead to some interesting stories. There is, famously, Eve Online, but any multiplayer game has the potential for interesting stories (remember Bow Nigger ?)

    And in reply to the opening post: what a shitty, old, boring, retarded topic!
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