#6586951, By tiddles GF has just broken up - massive shock, help :(

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    woodnotes, when you talk with her, make sure you do ask her if she's seeing someone else - from my last break-up I didn't do this as I felt sure she wasn't, and then when the truth came out four months' later it was way too late to save anything! (Not that it might have made a difference, but...)

    Relationship break-ups are hell, but in my experience they are also extremely dynamic periods of your life - the highest highs and the lowest lows... If you come to the end of a long-term relationship, many things will be shaken up in your life, not just your relationship, and often it will be absolutely for the best when you are able to look back on it with some perspective. If you do split up, though, aim for a complete break, don't plan to remain friends - if you do, then it's a bonus, but if you expect it then chances are you'll be in for some extra pain.

    re: men vs. women - we're more alike than different, really, we're all just people under the skin...
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