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  • Bigglesworth 28 Sep 2010 00:26:05 368 posts
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    ...has become shit, it would seem.

    It looks like there's a large ammount of bandwidth throttling going on now - videos I've got favourited, which look fine when viewed on a PC (little to no artifacting/blurriness). look like a right dog's dinner on the PS3. Being a creaky old dinosaur with an SD telly, I've no way to use HD variants of the videos but even SD versions look far worse now than I remember them looking a few months ago.

    I also noticed over the weekend that a particular video I watched fine on PC (a music video) won't play on PS3 - I get a dialog saying "This video is not available on this device". Interestingly this is due to the 'XL' variant of YouTube and not the PS3 - trying to play the same video with YouTube XL on PC results in the same dialog appearing. I guess they're trying to restrict people using certain videos for 'household display' (ie, on the telly), or maybe its targeted at mobile devices that may also use the XL interface?

    Just a rant, really, sorry. Though I wonder, since I'm here, is it possible to set the PS3 browser to not identify itself? I kind of suspect I already know the answer.
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