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    RabidChild wrote:
    Also, thanks for the advice. Your marines look good, actually - maybe I shouldn't worry about fancy blending and that?

    Hmm, can you not edit a post that is a reply?
    On here, they probably have to change a flywheel or something. White Heldrake, brave, can't wait to see it :)

    Stickman, I don't know yet, I was casting around for ages for a GW alternative - looked mainly at Flames of War and

    Infinity - 28mm sci-fi squad level
    Hordes of War/Warmachine - hard to describe have a look
    Bolt Action - 28mm WWII

    Settled on FOW as 15mm is closer to the size I was after, having loved Epic. Bought the rulebook and Open Fire starter box set. I think it's very cool, get's some grief from some quarters for over simplicity / Hollywood rules, but I'm not after an uber-realistic rule set as such, just some cool minis. Open Fire is 41 on Amazon, full rulebooks, 2 armies, loads of other stuff, you don't need the separate rulebook atall but I got it anyway, I like rulebooks.


    I also got a softback campaign book, 'Nuts', about Bastogne unsurprisingly, you can do Easy Company :) There are loads of model manufactuers, no-one has worked out how to copyright WWII yet.
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