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    I recently repaired my Atari St and I thought I'd share some videos of some of the more obscure games IMO I happen to have.

    E-motion. Nice puzzle game with good sound effects. The tank like controls make it tricky to play (for me at least).

    Foundations Waste. Top down shooter in the vein of Swiv or Xenon or Tyrian (but not as good as any of them). Happened to be a free magazine cover game (Zero I think).

    Artura. I think the video says it all. I can't speak how bad it is...

    Tentacle. A shooter like R-Type, though this is only a "rolling" demo. I guess it does looks quite cool.

    Xenon. Ok, this isn't that obscure but entertaining nonetheless.

    The Munsters. Ok the source material isn't that obscure and the game isn't that good either but you can't expect too much from a licensed game...
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