#7975737, By FIFA 11: Eurogamer Clubs

  • Deleted user 18 September 2011 12:04:26
    Awwww, nice set of goals/highlights *wipes a tear from eye*

    So, with Gears out shortly, its looking likely that FIFA 11 Clubs is now over (unless anyone fancy’s a last few cheeky games tonight to say goodbye?).

    Anyway, to celebrate an awesome year, one which saw us No. 1 in the world and multiple cup winners (one of the first cup winners I should add), its time for the awards…

    Part of having a closely-knit team, one that sticks together through thick and thin, means we can do awards like this.

    - This is a bit of fun PLEASE no-one take it seriously
    - There’s a huge chance I’ve missed one or two people out. I’ve tried not too but added ‘OTHER’ to each question so you can add someone in who I may have forgot
    - I’ve shortlisted people for some of the rewards. I’ve not got the best memory so apologies if I’ve missed you out

    To the awards…… HERE!
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