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    On 127 VPs from someone at EA:

    I've yet to see a link from on this, and I've gone looking for the threads he's talking about and can't find anything on any of the official or unofficial forums.

    Nevertheless, I happened to check my work email and found the devs discussing the video linked to earlier. They're very confident that 127 Pros aren't being created, as FIFA 12 encrypts the VP data unlike FIFA 11. They showed their own links to threads on less reputable forums, and the consensus in these 'hacker' communities (so to speak) is that they can't edit the Pros.

    What they can and are doing, is sharing high rated VPs after unlocking accomplishments with sliders. Having considered it further, I believe steps are being taken to disable the ability to share VPs across gamertags, eliminating the ability to even do this, so that nobody can gain unfair advantages.

    I maintain that I believe this is, currently, panic over a hoax.

    To quote the work mail:

    "according to server trawling, there are no 100+ stat VPs. A few users have reported attempting to hack their VPs over 100 but have all received corrupt file errors due to the encryption in place due to last year's issue."
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