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    OK, so it looks like this thread is slowly dying on its arse.
    I'll quickly address a few points and then I'm out.

    1) Dirtbox, True the USSC ruling, if passed, would not ban any game by itself, but it would give individual states the right to enforce their own laws. Its an unlikely situation sure, but it isn't impossible.

    2) Khavinor, the Miller Test was only mentioned in a quote I clipped out of wiki in relation to US pornography legislation. I never said videogames were about to be put to its test again, ever. In fact, outside of the quotation lines, I never mentioned the Miller Test until you bought it up.

    3) Khavinor, correct me if I'm wrong please, but It's my understanding that MPAA ratings are also entirely voulantary, and that unrated films (like the one you linked to) still have 1st Amendment protection, therfore Wall-Mart still cannot be fined for selling it to a minor. If so, I'm not sure what your point is and how it applies to the situation games might be faced with?
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