#6601892, By Lateralaus Aftershave lotion & aftershave balm?

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    Jeepers wrote:
    Lateralaus wrote:
    I got Armani code aftershave lotion by accident and I'm going to try it out since I can't return the damn thing now. I'm guessing it's going to sting like a bitch! cheers for the advice anyways!

    And on another note, what are these feather razors like? I use the Gillette fusion but I want to know if they're any better.

    They're a little more expensive (than say Personnas), but they give a great shave, ime. They're certainly massively cheaper than any blades Gillette make. I use them with a Merkur DE razor and it makes for a nice shave. I just bought fifty for eight quid or so and each will last for 4-ish shaves; 50 Fusion would cost you - what? - seventy five quid?

    to be honest 50 would probably be nearer to 100 quid, it's fucking robbery! I might have to try this out.
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