#9275557, By RyanDS Child benefit to be cut

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    Scurrminator wrote:
    Dougs wrote:
    So, seeing as today is the day the changes come into force, has anyone opted out of child benefit? And who will be completing a self assessment? Personally, I'm OK at the moment but as soon as I nudge over that threshold, I'll be throwing money into my pension. The whole policy is so disastrous
    I don't see why it's a disaster. Why should everyone get it? Some people need it and others don't.
    I've heard some people bitching that they are the sole worker in their house and thus they will be worse off. Well how about your other half gets the fuck to work so the rest of us don't have to subsidise that lifestyle!
    And what do you do with te kid? Have you seen the price of child care?
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