#9275882, By fergal_oc Child benefit to be cut

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    I don't get the whole "only have kids if you can afford it" argument. What does afford it mean? Not have any benefits?

    If that was the case the population of the country would halve in 3 generations, now that makes sense doesn't it given that your welfare when you're older is in part going to be paid for by today's kids.

    The thing that's annoyed me the most is that every minister I've heard speak about this issue has happily mixed the concept of household with person. They keep saying that this is only effecting the top 15% of household earners because they're taking it from a household where a single parent earns more than 60k. That's just plain wrong.

    Cameron goes on about the family and a good balance but he's directly impacting those who are trying to live that balance between hard work and family life. It feels like he's hedging his bets that by the time the election comes around more lower earners will have decided to vote tory than higher earners have decided to take their vote elsewhere.
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