#7602478, By Psiloc Sonic Generations (20th Anniversary game)

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    It's a coherent game this time at least, but the physics are closer to Sonic 4's than 1-3's in my opinion. It does have a better feeling of momentum but it's still flaky if you ask me.

    It's very hard to see what you're doing too. Not because of motion blur, which I don't remember noticing, but because the screen is too busy and the background isn't backgroundy enough, to coin a phrase. It could really do with a DOF effect. Additionally Sonic seems a bit too small for his surroundings.

    To get my Digital Foundry mode on, it would appear that on the PS3 at least the game is triple buffered resulting in some very noticeable input lag, which is arguably a big problem in a fast paced platformer like this. Also to my eyes the game seemed sub-HD if that kind of thing bothers you (and could be the reason behind the 'blurry' comments).

    Nonetheless based on this piss takingly short demo this is probably going to be one of the best Sonic game since the originals. But as we all know, that's not saying much, and comes before we've played what are likely to be the god awful 'modern' levels.
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