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    I've had this (sublime collector's edition) since last Saturday, which was great since I'm a huge Sonic fan and it was my 30th birthday :) (indie shop here sells stuff mega early).

    I love this game. I've finished the "story" already of course but the challenges and music unlockables keep me coming back for more.

    The lack of trippy bonus stages, decent boss battles, a "final zone" had me somewhat disappointed, along with the obligatory annoyance from Sonic's deadbeat friends, but I can overlook these when the gameplay (both in the classic and modern stages, each for their own reasons) is so much fun. And the music, oh the music...much much better than in Sonic 4: episode 1 in my humble opinion. Blazing through Green Hill to the "Sonic Boom" Sonic CD tune is a great feeling.

    Would love to have seen more Megadrive era levels though - they'd be mad not to remake a few more for DLC/sequel.

    The thing that gets me though, is that last night I found myself playing the same stages over and over and over, trying to perfect each segment in an effort to shave a few seconds off my best time (Green Hill Act 1 51.10, not too shabby even if I do say so myself). I honestly haven't done this in so many years, maybe even since the original Sonics on the Megadrive, so they're doing something right. :)

    /Flaming Sonic fanboy here btw
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