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    BraveArse wrote:
    Important thing for me is what all the gamers are saying. Aside from some who only like WoW and won't budge from it, the vast majority of my mates, noobs and vets alike are raving about it.

    Yup. Thats the impression I've been getting. I've played my share of MMOs in my time (from UO onwards) and this is definitely the most fun 'out of the box'. Its rough around the edges and the worst enemy in the game is the UI, but having played some absolute gash on launch (Anarchy Online? Neocron? Even WoW had it's clangers) I can forgive a lot.

    The one good thing about SOE being involved is that they're not shy of drip feeding content to keep you interested. They can milk a game for all it's worth if the interest is there.

    Personally, I could play PVP arenas all day and be happy with that. To me its no different than firing up an FPS an playing the same maps on rotation for weeks/months on end.

    Some people just need to lower their expectations with this kind of game. There is plenty of content there for an MMO on launch. People have short memories and usually compare them to games that have been well established and have seen plenty of content updates or expansion packs to get them to the stage they're at now.

    DCU is still in it's infancy. Even WoW got old after a month in the early days. 2 or 3 raid instances and only the crafting timesink to fill the void? Hardly epic stuff.

    The game is far from perfect, but I think it has a future. The important thing for me is that its fun. And I've been having a hell of a lot of that playing DCU.
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